At Inspired Counseling AZ, we specialize in serving clients who are functioning in many areas of their lives but has goals that are unfulfilled.

Your journey of healing begins with the first step…

The following are examples of common issues that can be overcome in counseling:

  •  Relationship Issues
    • Couples communication issues, sexual issues, emotional intimacy
  • Adjustment to Life Changes
    • divorce, job loss/change, new parent, blended families, retirement
  • Parenting Difficulties
    • parent and child communication and conflict resolution
  • Dealing with Life Stressors
    • Anxiety, panic, depression
  • Traumatic issues
    • PTSD, Rape, Physical/Sexual/Emotional Abuse

It is possible to overcome these challenges so that  you have the life you desire.

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The path of healing starts with that first phone call.

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